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    Magento themes hold no secrets for me. I have produced a number of projects or have been involved in a project team.

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    Traditional HTML/CSS websites, CMS themes and online applications: from now on your online presence is clear and focussed.

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    From marketing communications, layout and DTP it was a small step to the web. All skills are still in place though, and combine to make great websites.

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Welcome to the front end.

In a website you need to find your information immediately. Clear and concise.

As it happens, nowadays we have the means to get that done. HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript are the tools that we front-enders use to get the message across.

Also a well-defined sense for shape, colour and balance is an indispensable item in a frontender's toolbox.

Of course, technology and design are not the only parts in the mix. "Usability" is term for something we take for granted: suppose we rent a car, then we expect the accelerator and the brake to be in their usual place. That comes in very handy and everyone can drive off without a problem. Why is this not the case with many websites? A good frontend developer will find the easiest way for a visitor to use a website or webshop. This brings understanding, a definite feel-good factor and, should that be the goal, more revenue.

And that is not rocket science.

Please feel free to browse and contact me via e-mail or call me on +31 6 41 24 53 14 if you have any questions.

Customers just love me.

"Having customers order their subscriptions online results in huge time savings."
Egbert Stuit, stichting Vlister Openlucht Baden
"Our new site gets more visitors while data traffic has dropped by 80%."
Joachim Benjamins, CTO, Mensys B.V.
"Our online shipping application won us a Telematics Award."
Ed Hartmann, LogoS
"This surpassed our expectations in every way!"
Bryan van Croonenburg, Croonenburg Services BV
"Not just a beautiful site, but lots of advice as well."
Jan Strumphler, Strijkstokkenmaker