• Magento templates

    Magento themes hold no secrets for me. I have produced a number of projects or have been involved in a project team.

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  • Websites & online applications

    Traditional HTML/CSS websites, CMS themes and online applications: from now on your online presence is clear and focussed.

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  • Layout & DTP

    From marketing communications, layout and DTP it was a small step to the web. All skills are still in place though, and combine to make great websites.

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About myself

All my strengths in a row:

  • I work fast and accurately;
  • I work very well within a team;
  • I like a no-nonsense approach;
  • I am versatile and good at:
    • HTML (4 and 5);
    • CSS (2 and 3);
    • Javascript (jQuery);
    • responsive design;
    • Magento frontend;
    • web design;
    • Wordpress;
    • various webshop and CMS systems;
    • design for mobile use;
    • language (EN/NL): the content of your site is also scrutinised.

Because of my years of experience in marcom and marketing I can empathize with a principal's challenges, in whatever industry.

My workflow


If a project contains lots of pages and the flow through the site is important, or when a page is complicated, like a landing page, on which the choice and placement of elements is crucial I create wireframes using Balsamiq.

After sign-off, some characteristic pages are drawn in Corel PhotoPaint (Photoshop PSD-compatible, but much faster turnaround). These I try to make as summarily as possible because I prefer to continue designing in the code itself. Not only are many graphics generated in CSS3 anyway, but a working page in HTML/CSS/JS "feels" different from a static graphic when assessing. Even more so when a site needs to be responsive.


My coding tools include Brackets as my editor, with Prepros for LESS/SASS preprocessing and live browser reloading.

I use LESS for all my projects (large and small) and my code is submitted clean indented and/or minified, including the LESS files.

Why do I work fast?

  • CSS-resets I try to avoid whenever possible. I find I lose a lot of time un-resetting things and that is a waste.
  • Bootstraps I try to avoid as well. I rather make something to measure quickly than include unnecessary overhead. If a grid is needed, I make use of the LESS grid by semantic.gs. Check out my own "RaySponsive bootstrap" template >.
  • Responsive design I prefer made to measure: breakpoints are inserted where necessary, i.e. the design is optimized at each narrowing. This creates breakpoints that take the layout of the page into account and therefore work on each device — including those yet to be developed.

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My playground

My playground

Just some bits of working code in jQuery and CSS3 I found fun to make.

The "Show me" button too triggers a nice effect...